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Importance of dental health for your cat

by Alex Weber, DVM on 10/29/15

One of the most important things that our veterinary staff does for our cat patients is care for their oral health.  Clean teeth are important for maintaining an overall long, healthy life.  We integrate an oral exam during the regular veterinary checkup and will make recommendations for proper prevention or treatment.

A important part of the preventative oral plan is brushing of your cats teeth.  It can be a difficult task but with some proper guidance and perseverance,  you can make it a regular event.  We always recommend using a proper pet tooth paste and small tooth brush.  Begin by letting your feline friend lick the tooth brush may help get the whole process rolling. 

If your veterinarian sees tartar buildup during their exam, a thorough cleaning is required.  This involves sedation so a proper ultrasonic scale and polish can be accomplished.

A healthy mouth is an important part of your cat's long, healthy life.  Our Tampa cat vets can help you achieve this goal for your pet.

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