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Keeping your cat safe during the holidays

by Alex Weber, DVM on 12/05/13

We all enjoy the holiday season and want to make sure everyone, including your cats are safe.  All the extra food, plants and decorations make the season festive and can certainly attract the attention of our feline companions.  At our animal clinic in Tampa, our veterinarians recommend that you keep decorations, plants and non - pet food out of the reach of your cats for their protection.  

Some of the most common problems that our cat veterinarians in Tampa see during this season are foreign bodies from swallowing ribbons (a very serious condition) or ornament hangers and dietary problems from eating foods that our cats are not used to.  

In order to make the holiday safe for all, take steps to pet proof your house (just like baby proofing for an infant).  Trying to stay one step ahead of our cats is difficult but will help keep them safe.

If you have any questions for our cat veterinarians in Tampa, please call us at 813-289-3926.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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