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Vaccinations are still important for your feline housemate

by Alex Weber, DVM on 03/08/16

We are always trying to keep our cats safe and one of the oldest and most important things we can do is proper vaccinations.  Having these done on a regular basis is one of the basics to giving your cat a long, healthy life.  Although many people don't think that their cat needs these vaccines because of their indoor status, we need to think of immunization as an insurance policy that we hopefully never need to use.  Recently, in Hillsborough county, there have been 2 cats with confirmed Rabies so it is still present in your community and presents as a public health issue.

Having your cats vaccinated and examined on a regular basis is one of the best ways to provide them with a long, healthy life.  There are many vaccines out there so call your veterinarian and ask which vaccine protocol is best for your cat's situation.

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